Survival Swim™

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Applicable Age Groups:  6 months to 6 years
Attadale, Mosman Park
Registration:  $50
Infants crawling to almost walking: $600 full course fee (or $300 for the first 10 lessons, then $30 per lesson to a maximum of $900)
Walking toddlers - 6 years: $750 full course fee (or $300 for the first 10 lessons, then $30 per lesson to a maximum of $900)
(All fees are exclusive of GST.)
Class Size: one-on-one
Pre-Requisite Skill Level:

Next Course Dates: 
Attadale - commencing Monday 1st May, 2017
Mosman Park - commencing weekend 6th/7th May


Contact us for more information or to book a class:

To get in touch, please fill in the form below or contact us on 0406 119 184 /

Survival Swim Drowning Prevention Classes

Benefits for Your Child

Survival Swim and its Swim-Float-Swim℠ system is an amazing program that gives infants and young children aquatic survival skills and a solid foundation for life as a swimmer. In just a few weeks, children learn how to swim and float independently, even if fully dressed. This sets your toddler up for water safety from the get-go, and a life time of safety and fun!

Once your child has completed the Survival Swim Course, they are welcome and encouraged to join our regular Pre-School Age Swimming Lessons to grow and strengthen in their new skill for swimming.

Why Parents Love This Program!

Parents have peace of mind that children have reliable water skills IF they were to get to water unseen and unheard - children can swim or float for those few seconds you may not have realised they were missing. Their swimming progress is far accelerated beyond what they will get from any other program and they achieve these skills in weeks compared to years.

The program’s success comes from short, effective lessons several times a week. Parents learn how best to swim with their children during, and on completion, of the program. Ongoing private or group lessons are highly recommended to keep children progressing in their swimming ability.

Please contact us for current spots available. See more about this amazing program at Infant Aquatics Survival Swim Perth as well as our US headquarters Infant Aquatics.

MAKEUPS POLICY: Please give notice of at least 2 hours if your child is unable to attend their lesson. 

To find out more about Survival Swim™ and why we strongly recommend it to any parent, please CLICK HERE for our post offering a more detail description of the program and all of the benefits for you and your child. 

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