Baby & Toddler Classes

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Applicable Age Groups: Six months to 3 years
Locations: Mosman Park, Parkwood
Instructors: Stacy and Wendy
Class Size: Up to 6 babies/toddlers
Pre-Requisite Skill Level: None

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Baby & Toddler Lessons

Benefits for Your Child

Babies and toddlers learn breath control, submersion, floating and movement in the water and continue to improve on these skills as they grow and develop physically, mentally and socially.  They learn through fun water  play, ensuring that they are learning in a comfortable manner with mum and dad, preparing them for a lifetime of water safety, health, and fun!

Once your child has completed the Baby & Toddler classes, they can be transitioned into our Pre-School Swimming Program where they will begin Stroke Development.

 Baby & Toddler Classes for You & Your Child

Our Baby & Toddler Lessons are a part of our Mums 'n Bubs / Pops 'n Tots programs, which means Mom, Dad, or both parents are welcome to join their little one. This a great time of bonding while your child gently exercises in the water, but moreover, this is an opportunity for you to develop your confidence in handling your precious little bundle in and around water, and being a part of their lifetime of safety and fun in the water!
Join Your Little One!

We welcome both mom and dad to join in our Baby & Toddler lessons and to take turns practicing the various activities. While you don't need to be a competent swimmer to participate, you do need to be comfortable in shoulder-deep water.


Please contact us for current spots available.

CREDIT POLICY: Please note that we offer maximum of one credit per student per term for an excused absence for any reason. Notice must be received by 7.00 am on the day of lessons to qualify for a credit.

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