Swimming Lessons for the Differently-Abled

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At Waterwise Perth Swim School, we believe that safe swimming should be enjoyed by all - no matter their age or ability. That is why we encourage and offer swimming lessons for the differently-abled!

Backed by our commitment to drowning prevention, we start with the basics to develop a sense of safety in the water, and encourage continued lessons so you, or your child, can grow with confidence in the water and reap all the benefits of a lifetime of swimming. 

We tailor each lesson to the needs and abilities of the student, and our instructors hold specific certifications from Austswim to qualify us to best know how to proceed with special needs individuals, namely; Austswim's Access and Inclusion (Disability) and  Teacher of People With Disabilities certificates. 

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To get in touch, please give us a call on 0406 119 184, fill in the form below, or email info@waterwiseperth.com

Swimming Lessons for the Differently-Abled


Applicable Age Groups: All Ages
Mosman Park, Parkwood
Stacy and Wendy
Class Size:
One-on-one or small group, 2 or 3 to a class
Pre-Requisite Skill Level:

Safe Swimming Should be Enjoyed By All

Our Approach: Tailored programs depending on the physical capability and mobility of the student, as well as any doctor/specialist’s recommendations.

Safety First:Wherever possible, survival swim techniques will be taught first to ensure water safety. Please provide as much information as possible to allow us to determine the best way to proceed with lessons.

MAKEUPS POLICY: Notice of illness must be received before 7.00 am to be eligible for a makeup lesson. Makeups will be scheduled subject to availability.

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